Fixing the Euro

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The Euro was supposed to encourage convergence between participating nations through shifting capital investment from the center to the periphery. Capital moved, but only to create unsustainable property booms, so the gap widened instead. This article explains why the Euro failed and how it could change. Short summary below, full article here Nations gave up trade and industrial policies which protected local industries to join the Union. To join the common currency, they gave up two other essential economic policy levers – monetary policy and fiscal policy, which provide responses in…read more


Palestine Papers reveal Israel’s “peace talk” farce

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“Earlier this year, Al Jazeera and the Guardian released 1,600 documents related to the mislabelled “peace process” negotiations between Palestine and Israel. Covering more than ten years of talks (1999-2010) between Israel and the PLO, these “Palestine Papers” illustrate the tragic consequences of a highly inequitable and destructive political process grounded on the assumption that the Palestinians could effectively negotiate their rights and achieve self-determination while enduring the hardship of the Israeli occupation. The “peace negotiations” were a deceptive farce, whereby biased terms were unilaterally imposed by Israel and systematically…read more


Speak out on Israel’s Apartheid

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More public figures forced to resign for daring to criticise Israel: and and and US and Israel quit UNESCO because it spoke out on Israel: Israel the most militarised country in the world, according to Wikipedia: It’s hard to comprehend how a nation can move so quickly from the experience of Nazi death camps to creating apartheid. That’s the power of the military lobby, sadly.


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