Greek Street Art 2017

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A selection of street art, some political, some quirky social comment, photographed around Athens April 2017… My personal favourite, a recent addition to the walls of the famous Polytechnic at the centre of the regime-changing 1973 anti-junta protests… 


Turkey lurches right

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After the political manipulation which shaped Turkey’s recent anti-democratic referendum, feminist artist Ekin Onat explains why she faces exile. Ekin’s project “Objection” at The Pavilion of Humanity during the Venice Biennale exposes political lies and police brutality in her home country. The project started with a tree, and the protests that galvanised all but two of Turkey’s 81 provinces in the spring of 2013. “A tree! Green space!” Nothing more radical than the environment, she says. Peaceful demonstrations against government plans to bulldoze the park to build a shopping mall spiralled; mass revolt led to brutal…read more


Meetup discussion “Marx revisited: a feminist Marx”

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topic#1 a feminist marx (later session) Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017, 7:00 PM Community Meeting Room, Brisbane City Council (Brisbane Square) Library in CBD266 George St Brisbane, AU 2 Members Attending A discussion forum on updating  Marx’s ideas to include modern feminist and green politics and analyse inequality today. I’ll provide a short introduction to open up discussion each week. You can post questions here and read more on Check out this Meetup → I’m retiring next week and plan some backpacking travel, so I will test interest in further…read more


The invisible working class feminist

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A classic article from New Zealand’s Broadsheet magazine December 1983, still so relevant today – Christine Bird with help from Lana Le Quesne: I’m a working class feminist. But I’ve been told by feminists that my ideas of class are “male derived” and socialists have said that I’m not “really” working class. I know I’ve listened in vain for the voice of working class women in both the feminist movement and among socialists. I’m writing this article because I feel that working class women at present have no legitimacy in…read more


Social media and social isolation

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Today, everybody is joking about how much more disconnected we are in our increasingly digital world; less talking, more staring at screens and sharing links. Unfortunately this has serious consequences. It’s well established that real-world social networks have measurable health benefits. The rising time spent in digital communication has serious political consequences too. Real, deep cultural connections are one the fundamental forces behind movements for social equity. With another global crisis approaching, should we be worried? No-one knows for sure, but I’m going to suggest no. Today, rich countries are still…read more


Female Holocaust survivors stories from Ravensbruck camp

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The horror and scale of Nazism and its determination to eliminate dissent continues to preoccupy us 70 years on. Successive generations of historians have analysed the political structures, the ideological obsessions, the territorial ambitions and the machinery of mass murder of the Third Reich. Documents, diaries, letters and photographs now provide unimpeachable evidence about the regime. Survivors have given corroborating oral testimonies to convict the guilty and refute the denialists. Female prisoners at Ravensbruck concentration camp in Germany, 1945. Sarah Helm’s If This is a Woman is magisterial and forensic…read more


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