Brexit – what next?

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“A revolt against the political class”, according to commentators. Get real! Today’s primary problem is globalisation and increased inequality and instability. The EU is one of globalisation’s more subtle tools, promising better government for the poorly governed and financial help for the less well off, but It’s a complex take-it-or-leave-it package. Most people have been happy to take the cheap debt and ignore future costs, but each crisis like this brings our day of reckoning closer. So what exactly are the consequences of Brexit, Britain’s abandonment of Europe? For Europe,…read more


The Invisible Indigenous Economy

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“As insiders in the indigenous advancement business know, and concerned outsiders suspect, and politicians flinch from acknowledging, remote Aboriginal Australian communities are caught in a downward spiral and the prospects for the foreseeable future are bleak. Official statistics on Aboriginal social trends are artfully framed to blur the true picture but on the ground the truth is plain enough to see.” (condensed from Nicolas Rothwell’s article in the Australian June 4 2016) Preventable diseases are present in plague proportions, there is an epidemic of self-harm and suicide among the young,…read more


The invisible working class feminist

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A classic article from New Zealand’s Broadsheet magazine December 1983, still so relevant today – Christine Bird with help from Lana Le Quesne: I’m a working class feminist. But I’ve been told by feminists that my ideas of class are “male derived” and socialists have said that I’m not “really” working class. I know I’ve listened in vain for the voice of working class women in both the feminist movement and among socialists. I’m writing this article because I feel that working class women at present have no legitimacy in…read more


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