Meetup discussion “Marx revisited: a feminist Marx”

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topic#1 a feminist marx (later session) Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017, 7:00 PM Community Meeting Room, Brisbane City Council (Brisbane Square) Library in CBD266 George St Brisbane, AU 2 Members Attending A discussion forum on updating  Marx’s ideas to include modern feminist and green politics and analyse inequality today. I’ll provide a short introduction to open up discussion each week. You can post questions here and read more on Check out this Meetup → I’m retiring next week and plan some backpacking travel, so I will test interest in further…read more


International equity comparisons:

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Visit the links below for a range of specialist websites providing reliable national comparisons: Income Inequality (Gini coeffecient): view Wealth Inequality: view Legatum Prosperity index: view OECD Intergenerational Social Mobility report: view Gender inequality index, p172 2014 United Nations Human Development Report: view Transparency International Corruption Perceptions index: view Transparency International Corruption profiles by country: view Tax Justice Network’s Financial Secrecy Index for nations: view Social Progress Index: view Environmental Performance index: view Climate Action Network’s Climate Change Performance index: view


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